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.:Official Debut:. Solstitium by MlpXbox .:Official Debut:. Solstitium by MlpXbox
I dub her 'Sol-Sol'

EDIT: I just realized I forgot the CM story. Fixed that

Name: Solstitium
Nicknames: Sol, Sol-Sol, My wittle sun ray (Sunburst and Sunswirl only)
Personality: Quiet, well mannered, quite happy, shy ect.
Mother/Father/Siblings: Starlight Glimmer Mother, Sunburst Father, Inlustris Aura Older Sister
Job: Librarian for Princess Twilight's castle library

Backstory: When Starlight Glimmer was quite young, she fell in-love with a stallion, who ended up only using her for publicity. When Starlight found out she was going to have a foal, she was over the moon, the stallion acted very thrilled, but really, couldn't care less. but during this time, the stallion left for weeks at a time, leaving Starlight alone. One night, Starlight went out for dinner by herself. Once, at the restaurant, she found the stallion she loved, flirting with another mare, even kissing her. She ran home, and the next morning when the stallion arrived home, kicked him out of the house. Starlight didn't leave the house for a month, during this time the Mane 6 became quite worried. 

Twilight ended up sending an urgent letter to Sunburst, asking him to leave the crystal empire and come to Ponyville. When he arrived, he instantly went to Starlight's front door, asking her to come out and talk to him. She agreed, but only if he came into her house with the mane 6. She told them what the stallion had done, Sunburst insisted that he came to live in Ponyville until the birth of Starlight's foal. Inlustris Aura was born a few months after Sunburst moved to Ponyville, Starlight gave him the honour of naming her, and during this time, he ended up confessing to her. A year after Inlustris Aura was born Sunburst proposed and they got married a few months later, and had a another foal called Solstitium.

Cutiemark Story: Solstitium spend most of her childhood in libraries, mostly by her demand. She read heaps of books surrounding fire magic, but her mother wanted her to learn magic, seeing as both her parents were gifted in magic. She attended magic classes taught by Twilight and her mother, but she never really did pay attention. After a few years, most of the fillies and colts in her class had gotten their cutiemarks, she was starting to feel left out. She left her passion for fire magic to try to find her talent, or just binge read vampony romance novels to get over herself. After trying for a few months she decided to go back to reading and learning fire magic. For her sister's 13th birthday she decided to put on a display. It mostly consisted of fire displays and fire tricks. After amazing her sister and her sister's friends, she walked back to her room. Only to discover a newly found cutiemark.

Fun Facts
- Solstitium means 'Summer Solstice' in English.
- She was born on the longest day of the year, or the summer solstice 
- She often has tea with Sunswirl (Sunburst's mother), or Grandma as Sol calls her. (…)
- Has an odd, secret fascination with vampony romance novels.

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SunButtCoyote Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
super cute character!!! :D
really like her design!
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